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About Apex Services, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Apex Services is proud to offer residential and commercial soft washing, roof cleaning, window cleaning and surface cleaning solutions in Hattiesburg, MS!

Why Choose Apex

When you choose to be an Apex customer, you aren’t just getting exceptional service. You’re getting a promise that each time we visit your home, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We believe in top-tier results and happy clients. That’s why our technicians are extensively trained and completely insured and bonded. We only bring the most effective technology to achieve that “job well done,” and we use home-safe and biodegradable cleansers to provide customers with peace of mind. At Apex, we believe that our customers expectations should always be sky high… And we pledge to meet them, each and every time.

Sparkling Home Guarantee

Apex never leaves a worksite until the home sparkles. We are proud to say that we’re perfectionists, and this attitude shines through at every worksite that the Apex team services. We stand behind our work, and we want our customers to feel secure that they’re in good hands. This is why we offer the Sparkling Home Guarantee. The concept is simple: We promise that your home will be squeaky clean, and if our customers aren’t satisfied, then we will get back to work until they deem their home a beacon of curb appeal. Experience the meaning of exceptional service and stunning results when you choose Apex.

Complete Service Company

Why juggle a dozen different business cards and phone numbers if you don’t have to? Apex is proud to be a full service company, providing our customers with a range of home and commercial solutions to ensure that their property is always putting its best foot forward. We’ll remove mold, dirt, and organic growth from your home with our house washing and roof cleaning services, and will make the rest of your property shine with our concrete cleaning and window washing services. Choose Apex as your one stop shop for all of your property’s needs… And prepare to only get the best!


Thad Eckhoff grew up in a family that owned a painting company. When painting a home, you need to wash it first, so it was only logical that Thad would start his own exterior cleaning service in 2004.

Since then, Thad has made quite a name for himself in the pressure washing industry. After serving as the Vice President of the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners (UAMCC), Thad co-founded the Pressure Washing Resource Association (PWRA) in 2012. He currently sits as the President of the PWRA.

Thad has hosted and spoken at numerous national pressure washing and window cleaning conventions, and has taught pressure washing classes both nationally and internationally. He has articles published in numerous industry magazines, and continues to be an industry leader in 2016.

Thad and his crew at Apex Services promise experience, service and reliability. Apex is the obvious choice for exterior cleaning in Hattiesburg, MS!

Thad Eckhoff

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Pressure Washing Resource Association
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Let Apex make your biggest investment shine with our range of residential and commercial services!

Offering a boost in curb appeal and long-term structural benefits, our team knows how to make your property the toast of your neighborhood.


Just like your clothes need the laundromat and your kitchen needs a dishwasher, your home and building exteriors need specialized care in order to stand out. Our soft wash services remove dirt, mold, moss, organic growth, and other debris from your property, restoring it to its “just like new” luster and improving the longevity of your investment.

Apex adheres to this low pressure approach because it is 100% safe and ideally suited to get the best results for any exterior material, from vinyl to wood to brick to stucco. Let our specialists give your property the facelift it deserves… Your only job is to enjoy the results!

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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