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Pressure washing and soft washing services in Hattiesburg, Mississipi

Apex Service is proud to offer residential and commercial pressure washing and soft washing services in Hattiesburg, MS!

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The benefits of Soft Washing techniques:

  • Soft Washing is a modern, gentle technique.

    Soft washing utilizes low pressure, high volume water and soap to safely and effectively clean certain materials. The absence of high pressure proves softwashing to be a kinder, gentler form of exterior cleaning.

  • Soft Washing is the PERFECT solution for siding, roofing and many other materials.

    You’ll worry no more about your shingles and siding being damaged by inexperience! We are knowledgeable professionals who have the proper equipment to do the job right!

  • Soft Washing is environmentally safe when done by a trained professional.

    Don’t worry about your plants, lawn and pets, we have you covered!

  • Soft Washing is economical

    Many softwash project typically take less time to complete than an old style “scrub and spray” pressure washing. This saves you money and gets us out of your way quickly!

Let Apex make your biggest investment shine with our range of residential and commercial services!

Offering a boost in curb appeal and long-term structural benefits, our team knows how to make your property the toast of your neighborhood.


Just like your clothes need the laundromat and your kitchen needs a dishwasher, your home and building exteriors need specialized care in order to stand out. Our soft wash services remove dirt, mold, moss, organic growth, and other debris from your property, restoring it to its “just like new” luster and improving the longevity of your investment.

Apex adheres to this low pressure approach because it is 100% safe and ideally suited to get the best results for any exterior material, from vinyl to wood to brick to stucco. Let our specialists give your property the facelift it deserves… Your only job is to enjoy the results!

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