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Apex Service is proud to offer residential and commercial window cleaning services in Hattiesburg, MS!

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The window cleaning industry has come a long way way in the past 100 years.

We have gone from men and women attaching themselves to the side of buildings with hooks, cleaning windows with rags and soapy water, to the brand new way of doing things:  Pure Water Window Cleaning.

Pure Water Window Cleaning utilizes ultrapure water. This filtered water doesn’t carry any trace minerals or impurities.
In fact, the water is purified down to the point that it doesn’t even conduct electricity!

The end product of pure water window cleaning is extremely clean glass. No streaks, no smudges, no spots.

There are far too many benefits to using pure water window cleaning to list here, but here are a few key points:

  • Absolutely clean windows!

    When using ultrapure water to clean windows, there is no residue left behind like there sometimes is with traditional methods. We remove all trace minerals, metals, chlorine and flouride out of the water. In essence, it is synthetic rain water. This leaves windows looking great!

  • Pure Water Window Cleaning is SAFE!

    No more worries about window cleaners on ladders all day, damaging your landscaping and worse, falling. Pure Water Window Cleaning is done from the ground, with specialized carbon fiber poles that can reach up to 4 stories!

  • Pure Water Window Cleaning is 100% environmentally friendly!

    Don’t worry about your plants, lawn and pets, we have you covered!

  • Pure Water Window Cleaning is economical

    Because of the lack of need for ladders, many larger projects that would take traditional crews days can be done in hours with superior results.

Let Apex make your biggest investment shine with our range of residential and commercial services!

Offering a boost in curb appeal and long-term structural benefits, our team knows how to make your property the toast of your neighborhood.


Residential Window Cleaning

Harness the power of curb appeal with Apex’s window cleaning service! Many clients remark that they didn’t realize just how much their windows were in need of TLC until our team worked our magic – The results are transformative.

We believe in a comprehensive approach that addresses every aspect of our windows. Customers can always expect spotless and streak-free panes, clean tracks, and debris-free frames. We are fully trained and come with extensive experience, so you can rest assured that every window – be it in the basement or the top floor – will always look flawless after our team works its magic.


Commercial Window Cleaning

We don’t give our building’s windows enough credit. They aren’t just a functional element; they also play a huge role in the curb appeal of our property as a whole. But fluctuating weather conditions, interior dust, and employees and customers create formidable opponents, turning our pristine panes into a canvas where debris, dirt, and other elements gather. This doesn’t just look unprofessional, but also lets less light into the building.

Apex Services eliminates this issue by applying our commercial window cleaning service to your building. We appreciate that your panes require more than a paper towel and some cleanser to get the job done, which is why we arrive at each worksite armed with the technology, tools, and expertise to achieve maximized results. When you choose Apex, you’re choosing spotless, streak-free windows… And that’s our promise.

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Window Cleaning in Hattiesburg
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